Construction Injury

Being injured on the job creates a two horned dilemma. You have lost your income either temporarily or forever and you were injured by something under the control of your employer. You need an attorney experienced in construction accident litigation on your side. Contact McKell Christiansen, PLLC injury attorneys and talk to John Christiansen at 801-798-9000.

The construction industry has one of the highest worker injury rates of any industry. Hazards are hard to control on a construction site. But a construction company must comply with the Occupational Safety and Health Act to protect you, the worker. If you are hurt on the job because your employer did not follow rules, you need a personal injury lawyer.

It might be difficult to determine which entity is responsible for your on-the-job injury. Constructions sites are comprised of several individuals and organizations. General contractors, sub-contractors, managers, designers, even machinery manufacturers could be liable for your injury. You need a skilled attorney to sort it all out for you. If somebody cut corners, ignored safety rules or failed to follow federal law and you were hurt on the job, you deserve compensation.

If your employer failed to adequately train you or other employees and you were injured, call John. If you fell off an improperly deployed scaffolding or ladder; were burned, or electrocuted and lost work because of your time spent recuperating you should talk to an injury attorney about receiving just compensation.
You have been hurt on the job; you don’t need the extra stress of dealing with your employer’s insurance company, your employer’s lawyers and medical providers. Let John at McKell Christiansen, PLLC take on those responsibilities so you can concentrate on getting better.

Not all construction injuries are as dramatic as a fall off a roof, but they are just as damaging. Exposure to asbestos, toxic chemicals and lack of adequate air all cause long term injury and often permanent damage to your body. If your employer failed to protect you from the more subtle dangers you should talk to an attorney.

You don’t always need to go to court to receive compensation for your injury. John is a skilled negotiator. He will work with the companies involved but he isn’t afraid of filing a law suit on your behalf if the construction company’s insurance offer won’t cover your medical expenses and other costs related to the accident.

McKell Christiansen, PLLC will represent you on a contingency fee basis. They don’t get paid until you get your settlement.