Electrical Injury

Electrical injuries have become fairly common. Lightning strikes, high voltage or low voltage accidents all leave the victim suffering a range of symptoms. If your electrical injury was caused by someone’s negligence you need a good personal injury attorney. If you are suffering long term damage from electrocution or lightning, contact McKell Christiansen, PLLC 801-798-9000 for a free consultation.

If you lost a loved one to electrical injury, at this saddest of times, Michael McKell stands ready to represent you in legal action for the wrongful death of your loved one. Michael is not afraid to enter a courtroom on your behalf. He is a skilled trial lawyer. Not all wrongful death cases require litigation. Michael is also an experienced negotiator and will not be intimidated by attorneys on the other side.

If you suffered an electrical injury you will need compensation to cover your immediate and long term care and costs. You should concentrate on your recovery you don’t need the added stress of dealing with insurance companies, medical providers and loss of income. Let Michael handle those problems for you.

Some types of electric injury are: Electrical energy causing direct tissue damage, ruptured ear drums, electrical disruption of the heart, strong muscle contractions; Conversion of electrical energy into heat, causing massive tissue destruction and blood circulation damage; and Mechanical injury resulting from falls or violent muscle contraction.

Electrical injuries result in an estimated 1000 deaths per year and about 3000 admissions to specialized burn centers per year. Lightning injury causes 50-300 deaths per year in the United States. Up to 40% of serious electrical injuries are fatal.

The most common electrical injury seen in children younger than 4-years old is the mouth burn. These burns may cause facial deformities and growth problems of the teeth, jaw, and face. If a current travels close to the eyes, it may lead to cataracts. Cataracts can develop within days of the injury or years later.

The extensive long term damage of electrical injury means you will need monetary compensation to cover the cost of care for yourself or your loved one. Michael will work in your best interest to ensure you and your loved one are cared for in the aftermath of an electric injury.

McKell Christiansen, PLLC doesn’t get paid until you do, they work on a contingency basis.