Workplace Injury

Not every on-the-job injury happens at construction sites. Workplace injury is just as likely in a file room as a carpenter shop. If you incurred a workplace injury and you are temporarily or permanently unable to work, you need a lawyer to ensure you receive just compensation. McKell Christiansen, PLLC is an experienced personal injury law firm.

Every employer with more than 10 employees must comply with the Occupational Safety and Health Act to protect you– the worker. If you are hurt on the job because your employer did not follow rules, you need to talk to a personal injury lawyer. Call McKell Christiansen, PLLC at 801 798-9000 and talk to John Christiansen.

If a coworker failed to properly load a horizontal file and it fell over on you and broke your ribs you need some help navigating the morass of paperwork involved. Insurance companies have a vested interest in paying out the least amount possible. Many things can cause you injury and time off work: slip and fall, burns, electrocution, chemical burns, equipment failure, or coworker negligence.

You need a lawyer to ensure you receive just compensation for your injury, time off work and medical expenses. Call John, he is not intimidated by large corporations or stubborn insurance companies.
You have certain responsibilities to meet to help requirements of your on-the-job injury case. John will help you but you must:

Keep copies of all documents received from your employer or the insurance carrier regarding your work-related illness or injury. Keep accurate records of the following:
• Days off work.
• Dates of all medical treatment.
• All round-trip mileage incurred for the medical treatment.
• Receipts for all out-of-pocket medical and prescription costs.

Write down all facts about any injury or illness you suffer at work. You may have a civil lawsuit in addition to your Workers’ Compensation claim and this information may be helpful to McKell Christiansen, PLLC in evaluating your potential lawsuit.

Review the facts of any work-related injury or illness as soon as possible with an attorney who specializes in Workers’ Compensation law and handling on the job injury cases. John is an experienced workers compensation and job related injury attorney. New laws have shortened many deadlines, and early missteps can seriously affect your rights.

Not every on- the- job injury claim results in court action. John is an able negotiator and can work toward getting your compensation without the stress of a trial.

McKell Christiansen, PLLC works on a contingency basis. They don’t get paid until you do.